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I got into Frasier because I was a fan of Sideshow Bob and Cecil. I first watched it when I was 14. I’m 22 now, and I still watch it. It’s my favorite show ever! - anon

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If the show didn´t had this great cast with their own plots, I wouldn´t have watched it, since I can´t stand Kelsey Grammer. - anon

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"No, not in the good way."

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frillith forever - violentbaudelaire

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It’s so funny hearing Jane Leeves say “Simon” on Hot in Cleveland…just makes me think of Daphne’s brother! - anon

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Feel free to send your confessions!


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I had no idea David Hyde Pierce was gay until years after Frasier ended. His chemistry with Jane Leeves was amazing! - anon

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I wish Roz and Bulldog had ended up together. He clearly cared about her and he was great with Alice. - anon

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I hated Simon’s fake English accent - anon

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