The Frasier-Kirby relationship gives me life. - anon

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Niles Killing the chicken by wolfdreamer3


I wish she called him “Old sod” but it’s fine anyway.

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How many confessions is one person allowed to submit over a course of time?

If you have a lot to confess, go ahead :) It´s still a small blog.

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Feel free to send your confessions!


(Amazing gif made by

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it would have really been something if frasier HAD been gay all along… not that I would have preferred it, but THAT EPISODE! - anon

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For me, Tony Goldwyn will always be Roger, the garbageman from Frasier - anon

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Everyone is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls and the 10 year anniversary of the end of Friends. Where’s the Frasier love? This show was better than both of them. - anon

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I know this is said a lot, but I still think it’s devastating how much Daphne changed in the later seasons. She lost all her character and happiness! - violentbaudelaire

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