I wish we had gotten to see more flashbacks of Hester. She was so great in Don Juan in Hell Part 2. - anon

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I thought Roz and Roger were really cute together. I was sad when they broke up. - anon

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The second-to-last episode of the series is probably the worst episode. - anon

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Mel was such a devious character. I loved to hate her. - anon

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I think Frasier and Claire were perfect for each other, and she was wasted as a throwaway love interest - anon

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I disagree that Niles and Daphne got boring after season 7. I get a lot of comedic tension came from his unrequited love for Daphne, but if you love Niles, like I do, I couldn’t stand seeing him depressed any more, trying to deny his feelings and throwing himself into relationships where he tried to convince himself he would be happy without Daphne. - spooky-kagome 

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  • Frasier: Star Trek is just a TV-Show.
  • Noel: So is Brideshead Revisited!
  • Frasier: You're angry. So I'm going to ignore that.
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