Frasier and Roz would’ve never worked. Frasier is too high maintenance and Roz is too low maintenance. Both of them are from different social classes, obviously. Frasier seems like the type to care too much about that, and it would’ve probably tore them apart in the end. Also, they were business associates. They have no business dating each other. High unprofessional and downright stupid. - anon

16 Sep 14   –   1 note

the roz/frasier centric episodes are painful. their relationship was beautiful, and i’d assume they’d get together at the end because that’s where they always pointed out… it’s really bittersweet to look back to scenes like the ones in ‘hot pursuit’ and think that they never had a romantic chance on the show. - louisdreyfus

14 Sep 14   –   10 notes

okay, here’s a confession: i hate how the fandom is all about niles and daphne. yeah, they were cute for the first 7 years, but after that it gets super boring, and i wish there was more focus on other things on the show instead of their relationship. - anon

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At the end of the episode “Room Full Of Heroes” were Niles “spoke” as Marty, I felt so uncomfortable. - anon

11 Sep 14   –   10 notes

I always felt that the later seasons of Frasier weren’t as strong because the focus of the show became almost entirely focused on romantic relationships, it worked for Niles and Daphne because the show had been building to it for some time, but all of the Frasier dating plots went nowhere, and it was always a waste of time, especially in those last two seasons. Really, having him either end up with Roz or have him focused on his career would have worked out better for the show. - anon

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I love Niles and Daphne’s meeting. One look at her, and you knew he was a lost cause. - daphne-moon-of-my-life 

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Frasier Intros Compilation (Every theme and animation used)

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“Her lips said no. But her eyes said: read my lips.”
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